Welcome to My Blog!

As an ACE-certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and graduate school student studying Applied Nutrition, I’m passionate about combining nutrition and fitness for optimal health. When considering a name for my blog, I knew that the word “balance” had to be included. This a common buzzword in the health and fitness industry, but truly achieving a balanced lifestyle can be extremely challenging.

I’ve learned first-hand that balance is a key ingredient in maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I began my health and fitness journey as an overweight, anxious teenager. Like many teenagers who lose weight, I initially approached weight loss with an extreme attitude, eating one meal a day, avoiding exercise, and ending up on the verge of a full-blown eating disorder. Thanks to my wonderful Mother’s genuine concern (and a fainting spell caused by taking laxatives on an empty stomach), I realized that I did not want to travel down the rocky road to anorexia. While I felt a bit better about my proportions, I was merely a skinny, unhealthy, depressed girl.

At 17,  I decided to change. I knew I did not want to gain weight, but couldn’t live with the extreme deprivation and malaise anymore. I began exercising, starting with weight training and slowly incorporating cardiovascular training. I also began to explore a balanced approach to nutrition, including appropriate calorie allowance, whole foods, and the occasional treat. Not only did I look and feel healthier, but I was much happier and less anxious.

Today’s lifestyle does not favor balance. We are inundated with a host of misinformation, including extreme diet trends and body shaming. We’re constantly on-the-go, putting nutritious foods, exercise, sleep, and relaxation at the bottom of the “to-do” list. The media and some in the health and wellness industry create fear through their message of restriction and dire warnings regarding certain macronutrients or foods. While these elements can make living healthfully a challenge, my journey has taught me that balance is not only possible, it is crucial to living a life full of wellness and peace. In this blog, I will explore many aspects of wellness, including fitness, food, mental and spiritual health. I pray I can provide information that will help you live a healthier life; spirit, mind, and body.


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