Smoothie 101

Smoothies are a great way to increase your fruit, vegetable, fiber, and protein intake. I often recommend that my clients begin the day with a hearty smoothie containing at least one fruit, at least one vegetable, and a scoop of protein powder, nut butter, or yogurt. (Here’s a tip: add a scoop of pure psyllium fiber to your smoothie! It will give you an extra dose of fiber to keep things running, uh…smoothly). While the aforementioned recipe is ideal as a meal replacement, smoothie-ing can be a bit overwhelming to those unfamiliar with healthful eating (especially if the recipe results in a less-than-appetizing color). Here’s a simple, 3-ingredient recipe that is sure to please your eyes and taste buds:


Prepared as shown, this smoothie contains 220 calories, 19 grams of protein, and is extremely filling! I used Trader Joe’s frozen berry medley and a 5.3 oz. container of Siggi’s raspberry yogurt. Siggi’s is an Icelandic-style yogurt (also called skyr) that contains 100 calories, 14 grams of protein, and 11 grams of sugar per container. (Most fruit yogurts contain at least 20-30 grams per container)! I have to give this brand a plug because I love it so much! Greek yogurt (try to find a brand that is low in sugar) would also work well in this recipe. I will be posting more smoothie recipes in the future. Until then, enjoy this sweet and healthy treat! 🙂


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