What Happened When I Gave up Cheese and the Importance of Honesty

I did it, my friends! I went 7 whole days without eating any cheese. I weighed myself today and found that I had lost one pound. While it’s not a major change, my goal was not to lose weight. I wanted to confront a bad habit and take away its control over my life. Even though I don’t want to give up this delicious dairy completely (I am from Wisconsin, after all), I’m going to limit my intake to no more than a few days per week. This experiment also gave me the chance to try some new salad combinations. The picture below is a super-yummy salad topped with tri-colored peppers, cucumbers, carrot slices, almond slivers, croutons, and a yogurt-based dressing (one of my favorite healthier choices). I didn’t even miss the cheese!


This challenge also made me ponder one of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of weight loss and wellness. Many times we’re not honest with ourselves. We refuse to step on the scale. We insist that we don’t overeat when we’re stressed. We insist that we consume enough fruits and vegetables. After all, “we don’t really eat that badly”. Unfortunately, these statements are simply a way to keep the status quo; to avoid facing the problems that are plaguing our wellness journey. I don’t know anyone who has not overindulged in times of stress, neglected their fruits and veggies, or refused to face the numbers on the scale. We’re all in the same boat. The important thing is to “know thyself” and confront troublesome habits.

I always encourage my clients to be honest with me. I’m not there to be harsh or judge them. That would be hypocrisy in its purest form! I’m a partner in their wellness journey, because that’s exactly what wellness is: a journey. There will inevitably be potholes and layovers along the way. There is no perfection in health and wellness, only those that choose to acknowledge their issues and work to make them better.


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