Hotel Room HIIT (No Equipment/Silent/Real Time


I’m excited to present my very first full-length workout video! I designed this workout especially for the many clients that have requested a routine they can perform while traveling. Even though most hotels now come equipped with a small gym, we often forget our workout clothes or simply do not feel like mingling with others in a cramped gym space. This workout is perfect for travel because it does not require much square footage or equipment. It is also “silent”, meaning that the movements are low-impact and will not irritate those sleeping below you. Performed in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style, this routine works every part of the body and burns tons of calories. If you’re a new exerciser, don’t worry. I always make sure to offer plenty of modifications to make this video work for you.

I’m very pleased with the final result, but I also learned a great deal about filming. I promise the next video will not be vertical! 🙂 Please enjoy this workout, share it with your friends, and let me know what kind of workouts you’d like to see in the future.


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