8-Week Online Weight Loss Program (Begins February 15th)

8 Weeks to a New You! (Next Session Begins February 15th)

This Weight Loss Program Will Help You:

-Identify habits that are keeping you stuck in a weight loss rut

-Help you employ small, gradual changes to promote lasting weight loss

-Educate you on the basics of good nutrition

-Allow you unlimited access to a certified health and fitness professional

-Give you access to a private Facebook page where you can connect with others in a safe online environment

-Help you achieve a healthy, balanced attitude towards diet and exercise

You Will Receive:

-A .pdf workbook

-Access to a private Facebook page, where you will be able to interact with me and your fellow students, receive weekly video tutorials, recipes, and workout videos.

Sample pages


(Sample Pages from Workbook)

Each Week:

-We will cover 2-3 nutrition/fitness related topics

-I will post a video further explaining the information contained in the workbook

-We will have a question/answer forum to discuss the week’s topics and any answer questions you may have

-You will be asked to identify a “Small Change of the Week” (For example, “This week, I will walk 20 minutes each day”, or “I will try two new vegetables this week”).

Price: $99

Please click “Buy Now” to register, then fill out the form below. Thanks! 

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Questions? Email me at Gilmour.MeghanA@gmail.com



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