6 Things I Wish My Clients Knew…

I’m Not “Sizing Them Up”

Clients often think that personal trainers are judging their current physiques. Truth be told, I’m often worried that clients are judging my body!

I Truly Care About Them

Being a personal trainer can be challenging! We often see our clients at their lowest; frustrated with tough workouts and exhausted by the challenge of changing their lifestyles. The truth is that most trainers have extremely soft hearts and sincerely want to help others. While training can be lucrative with a great deal of time and effort, any trainer who is purely training for money will quit long before they turn a real profit. Furthermore, trainers tend to fall into one of two categories: former athletes and the formerly overweight. Each of these categories give trainers a genuine passion for health and fitness. I fall into the latter category, and understand the power of exercise and good nutrition in transforming one’s life, which gives me a great deal of empathy for my clients.

I Skip Workouts Too

Everyone has bad days. Sometimes I skip workouts. Sometimes I eat things that I shouldn’t. I understand what it’s like to mess up. Many clients feel embarrassed for having a bad day. I’m not there to yell at them. I’m their teammate. My job is to pick them up, dust them off, and help them do better next time.

I Don’t Know Everything, but I’m Trying

The world of fitness and nutrition is a vast and ever-changing science. In the grand scheme of things, nutrition and exercise are relatively new sciences. Even with a master’s in nutrition and a dual-certification in personal training and group fitness, I’m still learning. Due to this constant evolution, most certifying organizations (including ACE) require trainers to complete a certain number of continuing education credits every two years. Even though my education is continuous, there are always client questions that require further research (but I’m trying my very best!).

I Really Do “Torture” Them Out of Love

When my clients are out of breath, sore, and clearly unhappy, I often tease them about “torturing” them out of love. While I say this in a joking manner, it is actually true! If I felt a client was unable to perform an exercise (or I see genuine pain, weakness, or impending injury), I would not ask them to do it. When I give my clients tough workouts, it means I believe in their abilities. I want them to get through their workout because fitness is a metaphor for life. Victories in the gym can give clients confidence in other areas of their lives. (Of course, I also want them to reach their health and fitness goals as quickly as possible!).

I Truly Think They’re Beautiful

Many of my female clients speak harshly about their bodies. No matter where they are in their fitness journey, all of my clients are beautiful, inside and out. Working to improve your life is beautiful. Sweat is beautiful. Even so-called “flaws” are beautiful. I wish my clients would believe me when I tell them they’re beautiful, because they are!


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