I Have Cabin Fever (8 Ways to Burn Calories and Stay Sane When You’re Stuck in the House)

Thanks to Winter Storm Jonas and the limited snow removal resources of the Virginia Department of Transportation, I’m still housebound and getting a bit antsy. As a Wisconsin girl, it’s hard to fathom that my street remains unplowed 48 hours after a storm. However, I’ve decided to channel my frustrations into a new blog post.


            We all know that home exercise equipment and body weight exercises (i.e. pushups, squats, and jumping jacks) can help individuals get a good workout away from the gym (check out my Winter Storm HIIT Workout on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wyLnQM0RrY), but what if you don’t want a full-on sweat session? Here are some great activities to keep your metabolism buzzing and your mind engaged:

  • Clean Ok, it’s not the most exciting suggestion, but cleaning is a productive activity that burns lots of calories. If you’re stuck in the house, you may as well freshen the place up a bit! Try putting on some good music and enjoying the process.
  • Dance On that note, feel free to put on some good tunes and get your groove on! This is especially enjoyable when you’re home alone. 🙂
  • Be a Kid Again Art projects, building forts with bedsheets, and active indoor games like Twister or hide-and-seek can keep everyone busy and content. Enjoy this opportunity to do something different with your family.
  • Organize Once again, this suggestion is not particularly appealing. However, being stuck at home is a great time to clean out that neglected crawl space. (Plus, hauling all that junk can burn lots of calories!)
  • Run or Walk the Stairs If you have a staircase, try running or walking up and down the stairs for two minutes. Rest for a minute and then repeat.
  • Cook a Healthy Recipe Now that you have the time, try making a new healthy recipe. If you have kids, try to get them involved. Cooking can be a very fulfilling and laborious activity
  • Countertop Pushups While you’re waiting for that new recipe to cook, use a sturdy countertop to do a few pushups!
  • Play With Your Pets If you have cabin fever, chances are your dog does too! Spend some extra time playing fetch with Fido. He really appreciates it.

Now it’s time I take my own advice. I don’t have kids yet, but my poodle is more than happy to play tug-of-war. I’m going to enjoy this quiet day as much as possible (but please, VDOT, send a plow ASAP!).



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