Workouts of the Week (1/25/16-1/31/16)

Monday: Slow 5K on Treadmill (40 Minutes) + “25-Minute Full Body Bosu Workout” This workout was created by “BodyFit by Amy” on Youtube. It was a bit too easy for me, but a great introduction for those new to the Bosu. The workout can be found here: Enjoy! 🙂

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Yoga/Pilates/Dance Conditioning Workout (61 Minutes) Created by Grace Lazenby, “All the Right Moves: Extreme Fusion” really works to lengthen and strengthen the legs. I enjoyed it immensely! The workout can be found here:

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Warm-Up Run (16 minutes) + Heavy Back, Shoulder, and Bicep Work (45 Minutes)

Saturday: “Lower Body Toning Workout – 56 Minute Butt and Thigh Tabata Workout” This workout was a lot harder than I thought it would be! The tabata method is an interesting way to strengthen the lower body and core. You can find this workout on FitnessBlender’s Youtube channel or just click here: Get ready to burn!

Sunday: My muscles were very sore from lifting and lower body work, so I decided to do some yoga today. I chose “Full 1 Hour Wrist Free Hands Free Yoga Flow Class” because I was curious how a hands-free practice would feel. I loved the instructor, Maris Aylward, and will definitely try different workouts on her Youtube channel (Yoga Upload), but the workout was a bit too easy for me. Fortunately, I learned some great modifications to use with clients who have wrist problems.

I should note that this schedule does not include the time I spent teaching group fitness classes or filming workouts for my own Youtube channel: BrunetteinBalance. Come on over and subscribe!

P.S. If there are any workouts you’d like me to review, please let me know! 🙂


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