Workouts of the Week (2/1/16-2/7/16)

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: “Power + Endurance Workout – 60 Minute Strength Building Indoor Cycling Training” – This workout, presented by the Global Cycling Network, includes large chunks of seated endurance work. I really like GCN’s workouts because they place written instructions on the screen, allowing me to jam to my own music while I ride. You can find this workout here:

Thursday: Cathe Live “ICE Total Body Compound” Class (43 minutes) – Cathe Friedrich, my favorite fitness instructor of all-time, offers a host of classes recorded live from her gym for only $9.97/month. The classes are excellent, and always give me great ideas for my own group fitness classes! If you have a good amount of fitness equipment at home, I highly recommend subscribing.

Friday: “All The Right Moves: Yoga, Pilates, & Dance Conditioning” (65 minutes) – I did a Grace Lazenby workout last week, but it was not as challenging as this classic workout. I owned this workout on video in the early-2000’s, and remembered that the yoga poses were very challenging. They still are!

Saturday: Cathe Live “Rock It, Sock It” Boxing Class (52 Minutes) – Another class from Cathe Live (you will undoubtedly see a lot of Cathe workouts in my “Workouts of the Week”), this boxing class was challenging and sweaty. As it always is after boxing, my upper body is sore today!

Sunday: “Lower Body Sculpt & Shape: Home Workout for Butt, Thighs, & Legs” and Jump Rope & Butt Sculpt: 15 Minute Workout (HIIT)” (Did each workout twice, for a total of 58 minutes of work) – I love Bender Fitness. They always present challenging, creative workouts that utilize a good amount of weight. Their workouts are excellent for advanced home exercisers. I highly recommend checking out their blog. To find the workouts I did today, click here:

I had a productive week overall. However, I’d like to incorporate more running and heavy lifting next week. Wish me luck! =)

P.S. For more great workout ideas, subscribe to my Youtube channel here:


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