Workouts of the Week (2/8-2/14)

Monday – Rest Day (filmed 3 videos).
Tuesday – Rest Day (taught Body Sculpting).
Wednesday – “Bossmode Real Time Challenge: Day 1” (42 Minutes) – This 30-day HIIT challenge, led by Melissa Ioja (creator of HIIT Mafia), is an excellent challenge for advanced exercisers (although modifications are offered for beginners willing to up their fitness game). The first day started with 3 rounds of HIIT (50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest), and some intense jump roping. I highly recommend this challenge and will be completing all 30 workouts over the coming weeks: I finished with this 7-minute stretch:
Thursday – I performed 55 minutes of heavy lower body work and a 5 minutes of stretching. I used my Booty Blasting Barbell Circut ( and Lean Legs Pyramid ( as guidelines.
Friday – “Bossmode Real Time Challenge: Day 2” (45 Minutes) – As expected, day 2 was great (if you’re ready to go hard)! Bravo Melissa Ioja! Day 2 utilized 3 rounds of 11 tough exercises, (50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest): I also bought a foam roller on Friday and used this workout to familiarize myself this new toy: Jessica Smith’s basic routine was a great introduction to the foam roller.
Saturday – “Bossmode Real Time Challenge: Day 3” (47 Minutes) – Day 3 was a rep challenge, and boy, was it challenging! I finished with a long stretch:
Sunday – Rest Day (I got busy and the day got away from me. I wanted to get five solo workouts in this week, but tomorrow is another day. Onward and upward! I have to remember that this was my only actual rest day this week).
Last week I mentioned that I’d like to get more running and weightlifting in this week. I did more strength training, but didn’t run. I’m having a treadmill struggle. I had an awesome treadmill for many years, but it died about 6 months ago. I bought a less expensive replacement, and frankly, it’s a pain to run on (literally). The deck is narrow and especially stiff. I’m not an outdoor runner, and while there are great treadmills at my gym, I much prefer to excercise in my home gym. I don’t like to talk to anyone when I’m working out alone. It’s “Meghan Time”. Does anyone else feel this way? Am I being too particular?
As always, please let me know if there are any workouts you’d like me to review, and check ou my Youtube channel (Brunette in Balance) for workouts you can do at home (for all of you who are as fussy as I am). 🙂


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