10 Annoying Characters at the Gym

Warning: the gym has been trying my patience lately. This combination of pregnancy hormones and my community’s HOA-funded gym has left me a bit on edge. It feels a lot like being “hangry”. I’ve decided to call it “prangry”.

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s talk. I’ve noticed there are a cast of “characters” who show up at every gym in America. Let’s take a look at the leading roles.

The Too Close for Comfort Guy

Too Close for Comfort Guy loves to get on the elliptical right next to you, even though there are six other ellipticals available.

The Drinking Fountain Addict

 You know that person who NEVER brings a water bottle? Instead, they perform a set, leave their sweaty equipment, and walk to the drinking fountain, no matter how far away it is. This leaves you wondering whether they’re done with their workout, taking a break, or just trying to spread germs.

The Over-Hydrator

Drinking Fountain Addict’s arch nemesis, Over-Hydrator lugs around a huge gallon of water and an assortment of protein-laced concoctions as he moves around the gym, often leaving large pieces of equipment in his wake.

The Chatty Cathy

This gym-goer loves to socialize and rarely spends time actually exercising. She can be found sitting on weight machines or standing in front of the dumbbell rack engaging in a lively conversation while you attempt to finish your set.

The Orgasm Dude

Orgasm Dude loves to show you how hard he’s working. Even when you can’t see him, you can hear him from across the gym. He emanates sounds similar to defecation or reaching climax.

The Liability

It’s obvious this guy is lifting way more than he can handle, as evidenced by his whacky form, heavy breathing, and tomato-red face. You spend your workout praying he doesn’t break his back.

The Texter

This girl loves to tell other people she’s exercising. She spends her workout slowly peddling a recumbent bike while concentrating on her smartphone. She’s also prone to texting while lying on a yoga mat, most often between crunches.

The Selfie Queen

Much like The Texter, The Selfie Queen loves to tell the world she’s at the gym. The primary difference is that she provides visuals. This gym rat can only be found in front of mirrors, usually angled with one hand on her hip and one heel elevated.

The Germ Monster

This person never wipes down equipment, leaving their sweat and germs everywhere. Perhaps they’re trying to make their mark on the gym, much like a peeing dog. If you see a Germ Monster, promptly plead with them to WIPE DOWN THE EQUIPMENT!!!

The Overly-Judgmental Pregnant Lady

Yup, that would be ME. Pregnancy has sure brought out my sassy side. I should note that this blog is all in fun, and I admit to playing some of these roles myself. I’m prone to hauling around a giant water bottle, thick notebook, and, at times, my phone as I traverse the gym floor (and we all need to take a selfie once in a while, right?).

Ok, let’s chat. Have you ever played one of these roles? Which characters did I miss?


2 thoughts on “10 Annoying Characters at the Gym

  1. Im going to add “the extremely stinky person”…you know, the one who smelled really bad before they even got to the gym and the buckets of sweat makes the foul stench 10x worse. This is the person also becomes the too close for comfort person cuz they always take the bench next to me!

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